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4.0 ( 7600 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 아케이드 시뮬레이션
开发 Alexey Volovik

Do you like Westerns? Thats great! In our game you will feel just like youre the hero in a real cowboy movie! Your adventures through the land of the Wild West will be slick and cunning, your travels full of danger and action. Feel the sand stick to your lips and the hot winds blast across your face - feel the romance of the Wild West! With your trusty side-arm, cool cowboy hat (thats all a really cowboy really needs), the biggest for a hundred miles and enough bullets in your gun to shoot a herd of angry hippopotami. Prepare yourself, your journey is about to begin!

If you want the game levels to LOAD FASTER, please turn the MUSIC OFF from the game OPTIONS menu.