Gunfighters App Reviews

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Worst game ever...unresponsive aiming system...don't waste ur time in garbage like this

Stopped working

Loved the game, played every level, stopped for a while. Tried to play again, won't work. Deleted it from iPhone, re-synced, still doesn't work. What the heck?

awesome game

wicked awesome game

Sicc Update game

Game is awesome New levels

Would be okay if it actually worked

This is not a bad little shooting game and the idea of just dragging your finger back to shoot is good in theory but unfortunately reality doesn't seem to match the developers' goals. The spot from which you're supposed to tap and drag is very unresponsive. The syncing as you aim is slightly off (it almost looks like the shooter is skipping) and the icon is so small that your finger dwarves it; thus making accuracy nearly impossible. Touch is hypersensitive--you can't just aim the shooter without shooting, so a lot of shots are wasted. Needs a lot more tweaking and it might actually turn out to be pretty good. Not sure what bugs they fixed but they need to fix more. Note to developers: Making the app free for a few days doesn't make the program any better.

more 'bang' for your buck?

This would really benefit with some sort of 'story', at least linking the stages, so it actually feels like a western, as it clearly touts itself. Got the hang of the controls pretty quickly and finished the game in around an hour... not very rewarding, no ending screen at all. Shame.

Horrible control and aiming!

Not worth your time even for a free app.

Bad controls

The pull back to fire isn't a bad idea it is just horribly inaccurate with the small area allotted for pulling back. The reload is also incapable of keeping up with a fast tap. And yes, the 5 star reviews are definitely the developers.

Stay a way

Controls are bad I guessing the other reviews on this are people who made this garage.

Nice duel mode

Did anybody try duel mode? I`m figting with my friend now. COOOL. Please make more levels for duel!!!!

Good times, good times

First review I ever wrote, I got 160 apps and this is my favorite, this is the one I was lookin for, gave me a hand cramp half way through, this being free makes the ones I lost money on hurt less, thanks


Very addictive and fun. Great play control, makes you feel like a gun slinger. Very satisfying when you finally pull off those perfect shots.

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